In this page, FLOYD AUTHENTIC analyzes high profile forgery trends seen across the market, aiming to exploit both the bad items as well as the responsible sellers and/or dealers.

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Roger Waters - Mexico Forgeries

These forgeries have hit the market via autograph groups on Facebook and eBay, starting around 2015. Below are  the proxy accounts linked to this forgery trend.

archive-authentics - Arizona
tinkertailorsoldier19 - Mexico
gregcarrera-0 - Mexico
gael515 - Mexico

Roger Waters - UK Forgeries (eBay Seller ianarchy)

eBay seller ianarchy has been continously selling this Roger Waters style forgery starting around mid 2018, when Waters toured Europe during the 'Us and Them' tour. He had listed these items with 'proof pictures', however has sold upwards of 100+ items in this forgery style

UK Fully Signed Forgeries

These 'fully signed' Floyd albums have surfaced the market via dealers/eBay. - all of which share same characteristics for David, Nick, and Rick - all three are not authentic. These albums have came out of the United Kingdom and have been sold from UACC certified sellers and has previously passed well respected US auction houses

I have seen these items both all forged or authentic Roger Waters items with the remaining members added. Unless noted in picture details, all signatures represent the UK forged items.

Pink Floyd 'Ghost Singing'

We have seen numerous examples throughout the years of Pink Floyd band members signing for others, which we call 'ghost signing'. There are a multitude of reasons why this happened. Probably the most logical reason for ghost signing was the state of the band's personal relationship.

Beginning in the late 70s, band members did not get along well and often traveled separately. Therefore, when requests for signed material came about, often one or two members would fill in the rest of the band to satisfy the receipt. The largest culprit of ghost signing was Nick Mason. Starting around 1977 and going through at least two decades, we have seen examples of Nick ghost signing for other band members. Take a look at the gallery below and see if you can notice the trends.