Corey Moylan - Founder / Lead Authenticator

Chicago, IL - USA

Corey Moylan is the founder & lead authenticator of FLOYD AUTHENTIC. As an avid collector & student of Pink Floyd related material, Corey has amassed a collection of hundreds of live authentic exemplars, including multiple in person opportunities with the band.

Corey is heavily relied within the autograph community for opinions on Pink Floyd related material in all signature eras. He has uncovered several high profile forgery trends from across the globe, many of which are passed by the top third party authentication companies.  

Since inception, FLOYD AUTHENTIC has become the trusted Pink Floyd autograph authentication service for top autograph auction houses -  including RR Auction, Iconic Auctions, and Gotta Have It Rock and Roll. FLOYD AUTHENTIC is also a Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC) Trusted Seller (#255)

Corey most recently established the 'Pink Floyd Autograph Collector' Facebook group, moderating a pool of over a hundred fifty members ranging from causal fans to serious collectors. He also leads moderation of the Pink Floyd forum within 'Autograph Live', a world renowned resource for autograph authentication studies & inquires.

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Seattle, WA - USA

Seattle, WA - USA

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